ASHES AND SOIL is a Hamburg-based premium fashion brand established in 2019. The label was founded with the aim of immersing in cultures and addressing socially relevant issues. The first collection is called Introspection. Within the collection we reflect the stories of eight individuals who are mentally ill and share their experiences of stigmatisation and rejection. The collection is dedicated to these individuals. The white inner lining of the jackets shows the illustrated portrait of these testimonials and the story label with embedded QR Code refers to their story and leads directly to our website - where their stories inspire reflection and encourage hope at the same time. 

The first collection shows a constellation of eight pieces. Four wool coats, three leather jackets and one quilted jacket. It reflects the story of the testimonials. The inner lining of the jackets is printed with illustrated portraits of those affected and the integrated storylabel shares grips of what they have been through. In addition, African-inspired details are found in each part. The lapel collar in a cut derived from the traditional Dashiki, oversized safety pins and color compositions that reflect elements of the black continent in their splendor and yet implemented in a metropolitan way.

Fashion that fuses history, art and social engagement. We are on a journey capturing stories and redefining the capacities of art by bringing into alignment our heritage, our crafts and our values.