A collection dedicated to a time when we were all apart desiring connection. Lockdown 2020.



In our day to day lives, we perhaps do not always think about what it may be like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. What it may feel, sound, taste, or smell like.

It can feel as though our lives are very different, perhaps even distant and separate from each other. But does that mean that we are not connected, are our lives not still intertwined?


Our first Capsule Collection aims to inspire these questions and open up space to look deeper into someone else’s soul, not to spot our differences, but to explore our similarities.


In collaboration with Art Director Luca Jahn, using his bold prints and graphics, we created the 'Introspection Capsule Collection' which consists of 6 premium ready to wear essential pieces,  incorporating two of the stories from our momentum collection ‘Introspection’. Our first collection aspired to challenge our understandings, preconceived ideas, and prejudices by taking a deeper look into one’s inner self, this current Capsule Collection, however, aims to take it a step further and open up a dialog between us – between each other.