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Nugbley Etsey

Nugbley Etsey

“By night I left. Because the revelation I had needed to be shared -immediately! By then I didn’t know what was happening to me but I knew something had changed…” – Nugbley Etsey (28 years)
If I’d introduce myself back then I would go about it like this. My name is Nugbley Etsey. I am 20 years and a good student. I am also a Sunday school teacher and financial steward at church. Looking at my future I want to be a banker so that I can help those in need. Out of a retrospective that would be me glancing at my future.
But then it was around the 31st July in 2011 when I noticed something was happening to me. Not visibly but I began to see and hear things that couldn’t be grasped by the people around me but yet felt so real to me. I remember that I came home from school the other day and all I could think about were these words running through my mind and all I knew is that I had a revelation. So by night I left. Because the revelation needed to be shared -immediately! By then I didn’t know what was happening to me but I knew something had changed..
The church needed to know about this so I told my mom to go and tell them. I was so stuck in these pictures and the voices speaking to me that I couldn’t help myself but to just sit, stare, listen and try to capture them. The next day I was sitting in the warmth of the sun and all I noticed were people walking pass by me. They were trying to persuade me to go home. I did not react until they carried me home.
Then in May 2014 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A disease I have never heard of till then. By then I was 24. And although I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I finally knew what I had been dealing with.
I am one of eight testimonials sharing my story. I do this because I realized that, all over the world the number of people suffering from mental illnesses is increasing and some find themselves in the same situation as I some years back. Therefor I am sharing my story so that in case someone finds himself in this condition he or she will not be discouraged since mine has improved, theirs can get better too.
And I believe that finding yourself in any brain condition shouldn’t be the reason you’re being isolated but rather be embraced by society. My story could be anyone’s. And no one suffering from any brain condition should be treated different from someone suffering from other (physical) diseases.
My name is Nugbley Etsey – thank you for listening to my story!

Nugbley Etsey was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014. Within the collection we reflect the stories of eight individuals who have been diagnosed with mental disorders and share their experiences of stigmatisation and rejection. The collection is dedicated to them. 

A collaboration with On The Move e.V. A charity that furthers brain awareness activities all over the world and opened the first holistic Center for Mental Health, including vocational skills training and rehabilitation programs, in Ghana. 

Nugbley participated in a six-months vocational rehabilitation in basket weaving, sales, and repairs of bicycles. Gladly, he is now enrolled in a Teacher Training College in the Republic of Togo.

Proceeds of our collections are furthered into a fund to support  their vocational training. 

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