Agbota G. Kuvedu | Get to know the stories behind our collection

“Life has been challenging for me and I wish it could be different. But if at least my children could witness a happy end to my story.”
– Agbota G. Kuvedu (56 years)


Coming to stay in the city I started weaving baskets to get some income. I remember how I used to farm, grow cassava and prepare gari. But I had to leave all this behind due to my condition. Leaving the village I left my children as well. Eight in total. Two boys, seven girls. One of them has passed.

Around four years ago their father passed as well. So now they are left without mother and father to raise them. From then on I had to be their mother and father at the same time. A burden I’m still left with. When I figured that things started to change for me I told my sister. She then sent me to the hospital. On the 19th November, it was then diagnosed. I was suffering from a depression.

At times I feel like I am left with nothing. And all I am desiring is to get a place of my own and have my kids around me. At times my sister insults and quarrels with me, telling me to leave her house. But because I don’t have money to rent a room, am just trying to cope with her. Life has been challenging for me and I wish it could be different.

I am one of eight testimonials sharing my story. I married a man I wanted to raise a family with. But he passed before time. Now it is on me. I am not fighting this battle just for me. But for my little ones I left in the village. 

My name is Agbota Kuvedu – thank you for listening to my story!  


Agbota Kuvedu was diagnosed with depression in 2014. With this collection we are raising awareness on stigma that affect people that have been diagnosed with mental health disorders.

A collaboration with On The Move e.V. A charity that furthers brain awareness activities all over the world and opened the first holistic Center for Mental Health, including vocational skills training and rehabilitation programs, in Ghana. 

Agbota participated in a six-months vocational training in catering and sales.