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ASHES AND SOIL is a contemporary design brand with a unique ethical DNA. The label was launched in May 2019 with the aim to engage in cultures and to address social relevant topics. The first collection Introspection is dedicated to eight individuals who have been dealing with mental health problems.

This collection reflects their stories, in which they share their experiences with stigmatisation and rejection with us.  The white lining inside each jacket illustrates the portraits of these individuals and the story label with an integrated QR code leads to our website, where the full story of each individual can be read  to challenge thoughts and at the same time inspire hope. 



Our first collection Introspection is devoted to fighting the stigma on mental disorders. Within the collection we reflect the stories of eight individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses and share their experiences of stigmatisation and rejection. Each jacket is dedicated to one of them. 

We were allowed to capture their stories with our designs. The inner lining of the jackets are printed with their illustrated portraits and the integrated story label provides details on their journeys. 

A collaboration with On The Move e.V. A charity that furthers brain awareness activities all over the world and opened the first holistic Center for Mental Health, including vocational skills training and rehabilitation programs, in Ghana. Proceeds of our collections are furthered into a fund to support their vocational training.

View our debut collection

Have you joined us yet?

Discussing the future of brand and customer relations we decided to take a leap and solemnly focus on D2C which is direct to customer distribution. Meaning we will no longer work with wholesale or other exterior channels except for special collaborations. To us that means that in the future it will only be about us - you and us. We will focus on your needs, desires, requests and suggestions. We want to give you guys the opportunity to co-direct this brand with us. 

We are re-opening our online community - the so called members club from June which means means by joining you will be invited to special and exclusive events. We will host talks and online interviews with artists and creatives from diverse backgrounds and from time to time  we will get in touch with our members to discuss products, communication and events. As a young brand we still have the luxury on making this relationship a close one. So in case you haven’t joined yet. Make sure you do so! 


We are super excited for the new way of interaction and communication with you! Welcome on board!


(Creative Director and Founder)

“The leather is so soft to touch and really feels high quality”

Saskia Ibrom, Vogue

“The story gives me goosebumps. It is really great whenever a label is not just about the clothes” 

Khira Lindemann, PREMIUM Messe

“The fringe leather jacket is outstanding”

Vanessa Danisch, Harper’s Bazaar

“The brand is super exciting and conveys the right message” 

Jana Kruse, Brigitte